I have officially switched to a new host for www.deathscytheruler.com. It was not a simple task. I had to call my host directly and the service representative I was talking to was being difficult so our ten minute conversation was pretty much an argument by the end. The biggest disappointment was that they were not going to offer me a prorated refund for the remaining time on my billing cycle. Since my plan is a yearly renewal, once I pay it off they keep the fee even if I cancel before the next billing cycle. For privacy reasons I am not going to disclose my former or new web hosting services. Thank you.


Another milestone has been reached. It is hard to believe that 15 years have passed since I first opened this website. The celebrations are non-existent however because as of today, this website will be shut down indefinately. I am not permanently removing this website from the WWW, what I mean is that I do not plan on making any future updates but I still want to retain ownership of the domain (www.deathscytheruler.com).

On a different subject, I have decided to part ways with my current web hosting service and will look for a replacement. I have been a customer with this host for about five years with no issues but I recently discovered that my subscription plan costs more per month than their current offerings. Back in late 2015 my host archived my plan and established an updated set of plans at a lower cost. My plan was not terminated but the problem was that I had the option to switch to one of the newer plans except that my host never informed me that I could. So for the past couple of years I have been paying more per month for my outdated plan while the current top-tier plan costs less and has the same features. I was upset about this so I contacted customer support and they basically said there is nothing they can do. They would give me a partial refund if I switched to one of the newer plans right now because my subscription has not completed its yearly billing cycle but they would not give me a refund for all those years I have been paying more.


Hello everyone. It has been nearly three years since I last updated my website and I would like to make a statement regarding the long period of inactivity. I honestly lost interest in maintaining this site. As some of you know, I started this site as a hobby which eventually grew into a brief career in web design but I later moved on to a completely different profesional field and my interest in web design became a hobby again and eventually non-existent. However, I obviously still kept the site active (a yearly fee to my web host) with the intent to someday pick things up again but that day never came. I have decided to remove everything and keep this site in a semi-dormant state until I can figure out what I want to do (again). Over the next several weeks I will be permanently removing the content from this site and have a static home page. I plan to make another announcement closer to or on the 15th anniversary of this site with my desired goals for the future.

Thank you,

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