Hello everyone. It has been nearly three years since I last updated my website and I would like to make a statement regarding the long period of inactivity. I honestly lost interest in maintaining this site. As some of you know, I started this site as a hobby which eventually grew into a brief career in web design but I later moved on to a completely different profesional field and my interest in web design became a hobby again and eventually non-existent. However, I obviously still kept the site active (a yearly fee to my web host) with the intent to someday pick things up again but that day never came. I have decided to remove everything and keep this site in a semi-dormant state until I can figure out what I want to do (again). Over the next several weeks I will be permanently removing the content from this site and have a static home page. I plan to make another announcement closer to or on the 15th anniversary of this site with my desired goals for the future.

Thank you,

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