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-Common Feedback Responses-

Q: Can you do something about the pop-up box that appears when I click "Close Window" on some of your pages?

A: That seems to happen when my website is viewed in Internet Explorer. I'm looking into it but I'm pretty sure that it is something that is out of my control.


Q: Your website is so dark, why is everything in red and black?

A: Those are my signature colors. Past designs have been green/blue, black/grey, green/black, blue/white, among others.


Q: Do you have a MySpace? I thought I saw someone with that name.

A: Yes, I do but I do not have it open to the public.


Q: I encountered an error page when I tried to visit some of your pages. Are the pages gone or did you not make the link correctly?

A: If the error page appeared, read it over because the reasons why you are seeing that page are listed there.


Q: Do you plan on making a Twitter or Facebook page for your website?

A: Maybe in the future but for now I'll stay away from the social networks.


Q: What screen size would be best to view this website?

A: That's a hard one to answer. Everyone has a different screen size but I tried to code everything so that it wouldn't be a problem.

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