Updates 2006-2010

9/18/10---In case anybody has looked at my source code in the last few days, they might have noticed that things have changed quite a bit. As some people know, I just keep adding and removing things from my original webpages I made several years ago and back then I was not aware of the more technical things that almost all webpages these days have (such as a DOCTYPE on every page). Plus, web design never stays the same for long so some things go out of date or they no longer work as well as they used to in the past. That being said, I'm trying to update my pages to comply with the more modern ways of coding web pages so it will take some time since I have next to no idea about what the best way to do it is. Changing my webpages which have remained virtually the same for years (not including content) is something I don't usually like doing. So if things seem a little weird, don't worry, it's all trial and error.

8/30/10---I applied for a graphic design job but they wanted a graphic designer with some web design experience, but I'm a web designer with some graphic design experience. They contacted me personaly and asked if I was interested in the job but then requested that I send them some of my graphic design work right away (as in, by the next day). Not only did they not like my work, but I found out from someone else that they had filled the position the same day they contacted me.

7/7/10---Once upon a time, I bought some cool anime stuff from Japanimation.com and I was so pleased with it, I went to that website frequently for imported goods of anything anime related. But that was 5 years ago, and now they only sell random stuff that you could find at any anime convention. They haven't gotten any new anime CDs/DVDs in years (which is mainly what I bought), they sell 'officially licensed' t-shirts (made, designed, and marketed in the US), and the only thing that seems to be in stock are key chains and wallets.

6/8/10---I reorganized my Flash Cartoons section.

5/30/10---I found some old flash cartoons I finished years ago and never got around to adding them to my website. I'll be adding them sometime in the next few days after I look them over since I can't remember what they are about.

4/29/10---So I was contacted by a representative for a non-profit organization about working on their website, but the representative didn't seem to know much about how their organization was running their site. They kept asking me to tell them what needed to be changed and I couldn't give them the answers they were looking for because it is not my job to tell the client what they want or need. Since they already had a good website to begin with, I wasn't sure what they wanted me to do. They didn't check with their manager about approving a consultant (me) to work on their website and they were offering to pay me out of their own pocket. I explained that they needed to think these things over for a while but they never got back to me so I assumed that they took my advice.

3/28/10---Added a few more pictures to my gallery.

3/8/10---Putting together my pictures section with scans I've had for like 5 months is a long process. There are a lot of pictures that need to be uploaded so it might take me a few weeks to sort through considering my busy schedule.

2/27/10---Just spent the last 3 hours reorganizing my pictures section. I would have been done sooner but I kept getting distracted with watching TV and for some reason my cell phone has been getting calls from people who have the wrong number. Its not like once or twice, its like 5 or 6 times this whole week.

2/20/10---First update of the new year, almost 3 months late...In order to save space I moved things around on my layout so that it is more vertical than horizontal.

12/25/09---Happy Holidays everyone!

12/23/09---I changed my navigation layout because I was having some problems with the Javascript that made it function. Plus, I couldn't get the SSIs to work on all my pages except the index so I'd have to update each page individually. Add the Javascript and there would be a lot of tedious work. So for now I'll have a rather simple navigation...

11/17/09---I had an interview at a company for a possible web design job, but the people there seemed to have over-estimated my abilities. They were asking for things which I couldn't accomplish on my current timetable and they didn't seem to understand that I wasn't going to maintain their website on a regular basis. Also, they already had someone taking care of their website so it would have been a problem if I started working on their site without the other web designer's permission. Then they stopped answering my e-mails and phone messages so I just assumed that they didn't want to hire me afterall.

11/1/09---Whew, what a Halloween night. Anyway, I'm trying to use some server side includes on my site so that I don't have to update each page if I want to change something that is on every page. Unfortunatly, this only seems to work on my index page and not the others for some reason...

10/23/09---I'm starting to redo my whole website. One page at a time.

10/22/09---Wow, I did NOT organize my files when I had a Geocities website. So I just spent the last 2 hours trying to sync up my files on the Small Business server and Dreamweaver on my computer. I used to code my entire site by hand, but these days web editing programs like Adobe Dreamweaver make the process much faster. I have some files on the server that arn't on my computer, and some on my computer that arn't on the server...its going to be a long night...

10/22/09---6 years huh? My small website has been running on Yahoo! for 6 years...Now its still small, but I'm paying for a unique domain name now.

10/21/09---Well, I now have my website hosted on Yahoo! Small Business. Since Geocities is closing next Monday (10/26/09) I decided to keep everything on Yahoo!. So all links that went to my Geocities site should now connect to www.deathscytheruler.com (what a name)...

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1/7/09---Wow, is it 2009 already? It seems like yesterday when I last updated my site, but that was actually over a year ago... It's not that I've been lazy or anything, I just have a lot going on.

9/7/07---Well, I have been having some problems with my files. Apparently I deleted a bunch off my host server and I can not locate them on my computer. I have to search my back up CDs, so I don't know how long that will take me. So for the time being, my site will be down until I can relocate and upload my missing files again. Sorry for the inconviniance!

6/8/07---Summer is here! Now I can spend more time working on my site.

12/24/06---Happy Christmas Eve! A few weeks ago I got the Macromedia line of software (Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver) and have been practicing on how to use it for my site. So the next time I update is the time when I get flash working here on my site.

10/27/06--I'm finally done with the new layout! So all my links work, I got a lot of new graphics, and my individual sites are in progress! So take a look around, there's pleanty to see!

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