Updates 2011

12/30/11---Once again, I am having problems with server side includes. For some reason, the code I am using works on dummy pages I make (just to test) but when I use the same code on my other webpages, it doesn't work at all. So I've been arguing with Yahoo! customer support for the last few days and hopefully they can help me out with this problem. For the time being, I needed to show them a test page I made and one of my actual webpages to compare why the code works on the test page and not on the other. So my Rules page will be without a navigation until further notice (the navigation is what I'm trying to get to work with the server side includes).

12/27/11---I brought back my comics section.

12/24/11---I changed my Flash Cartoons section (again...) because I apparently messed up something in the code and no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to fix it so I started over. Also, I removed the Video Games and Manga sections because if people actually cared to know what video games and manga I liked, I would have made a Facebook page for that sort of information.

8/6/11---I got Bleach: Soul Resurrección for the PS3 today. Since it is the first Bleach game for the PS3 (in Japan and North America) it wasn't too bad, but I don't think it was worth $60.

5/28/11---I have a lot of free time on my hands these days so I decided to try something new with my home page (again). It seems like I change the layout everytime I update my website, but that's because I think it looks good one day and then the next I feel like I need to change it. This time I'm cutting back on the graphics and focusing more on the code.

5/18/11---My computer has been really screwed up for quite awhile and I couldn't get anything to work right. I had to backup all my files and reinstall my programs (which I still haven't finished) and pretty much start all over. So for now I'm trying to get everything back in order but it might take awhile.

5/1/11---So I got Dragon Age II a couple of months ago and honestly, it wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be. There are some aspects of this game that I liked better than previous games in the series and then there are some aspects that I didn't like in this game. What stuck out the most was that the combat was improved, but the story sort of regressed. You're mainly centered in one city for the entire game and don't travel outside of it much. There were few prominent connections to the previous games (besides the occasional character or story reference) and the story ends on a cliff-hanger with a vague reference to future games.

4/27/11---When I applied for that graphic design job last August, they had the position listed on their website but they have yet to remove it from the site. They have a bunch of other 'open' positions listed, but when I asked they said all their positions had been filled. The least they could do is remove the listings from their website; its like keeping a help wanted sign in the window but they're not hiring anybody.

1/27/11---I applied for a similar job in a different department but they didn't hire me either. It was the same response: "We think you'd be a great addition to the team but we have decided to hire someone else". It's been a rough few months; I've applied for several jobs but I didn't get any of them.

1/10/11---I applied for a web design position in the marketing/graphics department at a company, but they didn't hire me...

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