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I'm about 2/3 of the way through my 5th playthrough in Dragon Age II. I don't think I am going to play a 6th time since I got bored after 2 hours of playing through my 5th time. I kept going because I wanted to finish the game but now it just seems tedious. I find it interesting that at the end of the game, no matter which faction you side with (Mages or Templars) you end up destroying both anyway because the leaders become crazy and attack you.


I played all the way through Dragon Age II for the fourth time. My eventual goal is to play through the game 6 times since this game has several options on how you interact with people and the character you create. Choosing between a male or female character, between a rogue, warrior, or mage class, being friendly or antagonistic to your companions, between diplomatic, sarcastic, or aggressive in dialog choices, and the list goes on. My current standings are as follows:
- Game 1 -

Character: Male Rogue

Dialog choices: Chosen based on my personal preferences, but mostly diplomatic

Companions: Tried to be friendly with all of them

Brother/Sister: Sister joined the Circle of Magi

Romance: Merril

Final battle: Sided with the Mages

- Game 2 -

Character: Female Warrior

Dialog choices: Chosen based on my personal preferences, but more on the aggressive side

Companions: Tried to be friendly with all but the Mages

Brother/Sister: Sister joined the Grey Wardens

Romance: Fenris

Final battle: Sided with the Templars

- Game 3 -

Character: Male Mage

Dialog choices: Don't remember

Companions: Don't remember

Brother/Sister: Brother joined the Templars

Romance: Isabella

Final battle: Sided with the Mages

- Game 4 -

Character: Female Rogue

Dialog choices: All sarcastic

Companions: Friendly with all the women, no men in the party

Brother/Sister: Sister joined the Circle of Magi

Romance: Isabella

Final battle: Sided with the Mages

- Game 5 -

Character: Male Warrior

Dialog choices: All aggressive

Companions: Antagonistic to everyone, no women in the party

Brother/Sister: Sister died in the Deep Roads

Romance: None

Final battle: Sided with the Templars

- Game 6 - (not yet started)

Character: Female Mage

Dialog choices: All diplomatic

Companions: Friendly with everyone, but only mages and women in the party

Brother/Sister: Brother joined the Grey Wardens

Romance: Anders

Final battle: Sided with the Mages

After the sixth time, I don't plan on playing the game much (if at all) after that. The game came out over a year ago and I suspect that the third installment in the series will be coming in the next year or so. I also plan on getting some more games in the near future so that will replace DA2. Of course there is still the DLC for DA2 that I haven't finished yet but I want to get all the trophies and this one part is preventing me from doing so. I have to sneak around in a house and not get caught by the guards even once and if I do, I can't get the achievement so I have to start all over.


I added a few more of my MTG decklists. Just as a reminder, the decks I post are decks I made with actual Magic: The Gathering cards when I used to play the game with the paper cards. I may get around to posting some of my creations from MTGO, but I have so many and I'm constantly changing them so I'll probably hold off for a while.


Time sure flies...it has already been a month since Comic-Con.


I played in another tournament in MTGO. This was a special tournament for the recently released Magic 2013 Core Set. It was a 65 player minimum game where people are paired up at random and play for best 2 out of 3 matches. It was a sealed deck tournament; players were given 6 booster packs (15 cards in each) and had to make a deck out of them (40 cards minimum) for the tournament. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the cards I got from the booster packs. I had a few nice cards but the majority of them were not that great and the cards I had couldn't make a very good deck. They didn't work well together and I didn't have enough copies of any particular card to make an effective combo. I was a little annoyed because the other players I played against seemed to have gotten much better cards, in more ways than one. A few of them had Mythic rares (a card rarity where the odds of obtaining one from a booster pack are 1 out of every 8 packs) and others even had 2 Mythic rares. Regardless if they used them in their deck, those cards by themselves can be worth a lot. Other players seemed to have a perfect deck; most of their cards worked well together and they seemed to get them early enough in the match to win rather quickly. I also noticed that many players seemed to have gotten cards that were in high demand (either for their collectable value or their usefulness in a game). So I ended up losing every one of my matches and was kicked out of the tournament after round 5 (out of 7 rounds). I played for close to 6 hours because there were so many rounds. For many of my matches I was doing pretty good for the first few turns but then my opponent would gain control and then it was all downhill from there.
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