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2/29/12---Ok, I figured out why there were so many validation errors. Apparently I made a link on this page that included some things that PHP didn't like so it brought up several errors. The WC3 validator was saying that the errors were located in one place and when I went to check, I couldn't find the spot where they were. I figured out that it was a link after I noticed that the string of text looked like variables for a search, and only one link on this page had such a thing.

2/28/12---Ugh...yesterday my index page had no validation erros and now all of a sudden there are like, 12 of them. I think they're PHP related, but I have no idea how to fix them. They're only affecting my index page but I haven't changed anything besides text so I don't understand why these errors are popping up now.

2/27/12---I put my first Photoshop tutorial back up. The layout is awful at the moment, but I'm working on it. I'm also having a hard time figuring out where I should preorder Prototype 2 from. At first it was Amazon.com, but then Gamestop was offering free bonus content, and now Amazon is offering a collector's edition. Its twenty more dollars than the retail edition, but it comes with DLC, soundrack CD, artbook, and a few other things.

2/24/12---I modified my Barnyard cartoon so that there is nothing to complain about. I can't believe someone actually thought my cartoon was no better than Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes. Those shows were violent. My cartoon was mild humor at best.

2/22/12---I have temporarily removed my Barnyard cartoon because some people were complaining that it displays animal cruelty. Obviously, that was not my intention so I'm modifying it to please the complainers.

2/18/12---I added some more pictures to my SPORE gallery. In other news, I got an e-mail today about one of the video games that I ordered. Apparently there is going to be a shipping dely and instead of getting my game on the release day, I'll probably get it a few days after that. Its not really a big issue to me but I'm a little concerned because the last time I ordered something from them, they charged me and then it took over 2 weeks to deliver my game when they said it would take 1 to 2 days.

2/17/12---Well, its nothing but video game news today. I've been playing inFamous recently because I got the game over a year ago and I didn't play for the first time until last week. It was one of those games where I got it but I was preoccupied with another game and I forgot about it. Also, I realized that I haven't played Dragon Age II since last October. I got the most recent DLC but I didn't finish it and now over three months have passed so I might complete it soon. Next month I'm getting 2 new games and the month after that I'm getting an additional 2 games. Normally I don't buy so many games all at once, but unfortunately they're all being released around the same time and if I don't preorder them, I will miss out on some really cool free DLC content.

2/16/12---Related to my comments from Sunday: Anime News Network article and Fourm from the same site.

2/14/12---I don't know what is wrong, but everytime I try and update an image, the browser does not reflect it. It either remains the same or it reverts to a previous version. The only way I can seem to fix it at the moment is to rename the image and upload it again.

2/13/12---In my most recent batch of changes, I've been adjusting the code for my flash cartoon pages to be standardized for the web. Of course, I went to W3C to find out how a page should be coded to incorporate flash videos. They gave a link to a page where it explains the supposed "famous Satay method", but I tried it out and it didn't work. Then I Google'd to see what would come up and the first page I went to gave me a simple and valid solution.

2/12/12---As a huge fan of manga, I like to keep up to date with the news about officially licensed titles and individual groups who translate and distribute them for free across the internet. As of yesterday, one of these groups called 'Mangastream' announced that they will no longer be distributing their scans of some of the manga they translate. The reason was that Viz Media (the license holder of the titles Mangastream is no longer going to be distributing) told them to stop what they were doing or they would threaten legal action. This is not unheard of in these kinds of situations, but what I found interesting was Mangatream's response. They posted a message on their website that detailed their reaction to Viz Media's notice. I'm only gong to highlight a few parts, but click here if you want to take a look at the page yourelf.

"VIZ Media has demanded that we end our scanlation work...this comes despite our best efforts to pursuade fans into supporting official distributors by being the only group to actively prevent an archive from forming on their website through the removal of chapters that are older than a couple weeks."

The problem I see with what they are saying is that while they may not have an archive on their site, other sites frequently take their scans and host them on their own sites. The other thing that seems off is that they claim to want their readers to support official distributors, but by scanning and translating the manga and distributing them for free in the first place, they are doing the opposite.

"They've succeeded in little more than invoking inconvenience to the community as their digital magazine missed the mark; it runs several issues behind and only features 3 of the [most popular] series. So long as their product continues to be slow, awkward and inferior to something a ragtag group of nobodies can churn out in a few hours - fans will continue to look to scanlation groups and aggregators for their weekly fix."

Viz Media launched their own digital manga magazine (in addition to their print edition) last month in order to draw in more people to paying for a subscription. Mangastream claims that the magazine is inferior to their work (I don't subscribe to the magazine so I can't verify their claim) and that the delay in weekly releases is more of a hindernace than a benefit to the fans. Many manga magazines in Japan have weekly releases and like a lot of groups, Mangastream somehow gets a copy and does their own translations. Viz Media's magazine releases chapters of the manga 2 weeks after their release in Japan. I think that is reasonable considering that up until recently, manga licensed by them for distribution in the US took up to 3 or 4 months for a new release (but releases were by volume, which is about 10 chapters of weekly releases). Mangastream also says that the magazine only includes 3 of the popular series that people read (One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach), but they themselves pretty much focus on the same 3 series. They get them distributed within hours of their Japanese release and then take days to release the other titles they distribute. My only thought about this is that Mangastream is upset that the official license holder of the titles is invoking their legal right to have Mangastream stop distributing their titles and Mangastream is attacking the digital manga magazine because they believe it is the reason why Viz Media told them to stop.

"The aggressive and escalating nature of their threats have forced our hand into removing the content."

I can assume that Viz Media asked Mangastream to stop before, but apparently they ignored them.

"Although MangaStream will no longer be hosting any of the Jump series, if it's something our fanbase is interested in, we're considering leveraging our connections to bring you accurate spoiler summaries for the Jump chapters as early as possible. We know this isn't much, but hope it can whet your appetite until the dozens of aggregators release the official Jump chapters on Wednesday."

In a desperate attempt to get people to continue to visit their site, they're thinking about getting the summary of the weekly chapters out there instead of the actual chapter itself. If they are willing to spoil the chapter before people even read it, they're doing more harm than good in my opinion. Also, if readers are so impatient that they need to read spoilers that come out just a little bit sooner than the actual chapter, they must have nothing else to do. Finally, Mangastream closes by saying that even if they can't distribute the manga, there are several other groups and sites willing to do so. They're just being sore losers by pointing out that Viz Media went after them specifically when hundreds of similar sites out there exist.

2/11/12---GeoCities.ws removed the link to my old site from their archive directory (after I asked over a week ago). Now people can't look it up on their site but if they knew the old address they still come up with an error page (which is what is suppose to happen). In other news, occasionally I come across a webpage or a video that that includes a sound file I made with a couple of friends a number of years ago. Its nice to see that people have good thigs to say about them and are willing to use them. I uploaded five of them to Flashkit.

2/8/12---If you look up "deathscytheruler" in a search engine, you've probably seen my name in reviews on Amazon.com. I have reviewed products sold by Amazon but unfortunately other websites steal reviews off Amazon and put them on their own sites. For example, I reviewed a video game called Zoids Assault for the Xbox 360 a couple of years ago and I deleted it sometime later. However, my review still exists on several other non-Amazon.com webpages. Click here for an example.

2/4/12---In the past, I signed up with a number of fan-made anime websites for various reasons and several years later I started wondering what they did with my accounts since I haven't logged-in in a long time. I'm more security conscience these days so I went to as many of those sites as I could track down. A number of the websites have closed down, which is a good thing, but a few others are still active and my accounts need to be removed by an administrator. The most I ever gave any of these sites was my e-mail address and maybe my name, but nothing that could be a serious security risk (although these days, even a little info about someone could come back to bite them in the ass if it fell into the wrong hands).

2/3/12---Hmm...for some reason the favicon is now working in Firefox, but still not in Internet Explorer.

2/2/12---I've been working on my SPORE section for a while but getting all the .png files ready for the site is very time consuming. Like I said, I have hundreds of creations so getting them all on the site will take some time.

2/1/12---I finally made a favicon for my site. A favicon is the little icon in the address bar you seen when you go to a website. Not all websites have them, but you've probably noticed ones for Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. Mine only apears when you bookmark or add my site to your favorites folder in your browser in IE. For some reason, it doesn't work in Firefox and doesn't sow up in the address bar for either browser.

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