Updates January 2012

1/31/12---GeoCities.ws sent me an e-mail saying that the recent topics I posted on their forums were approved (they don't appear to the public until someone officially approves them). Well, I only posted because I needed some answers and I got them a week ago. I did happen to notice another person who was in a similar situation as me. At first they asked to have their website removed and obviously they didn't get the answers they were looking for so they threatened to sue GeoCities.ws. Hopefully everything works out for them but if you want to see their first message, click here and to see their second message, click here.

1/25/12---Finally...after 18 days, GeoCities.ws deleted my old website files (or at least I assume they did). Hopefully the links will filter out of the search engines soon and I can worry about one less thing in my life.

1/23/12---Today I built another website from scratch in about 5 hours. I've been working on it off and on all day, but in total it was about 5 hours. Its a gallery of my creations from the computer game SPORE which used to be on my official SPORE profile page, but after a series of unfortunate events most of them were deleted. Click here to check it out.

1/21/12---Nothing going on today besides converting more of my pages to .php from .html.

1/20/12---So the people at GeoCities.ws finally responded to my e-mails and their answer was that they could not verify that I am the owner of my webpages. Of course I'm pissed off because their system of keeping track of who owns what is complete garbage (basically it doesn't work), but I don't have much of a choice than to ask them to remove it manually or find some other way to prove that I am the rightful owner.

1/18/12---One of the things that really bugs me is when people don't respond to my e-mail messages. I can uderstand if they're busy and can't get to them right away, but it is frustrating when I'm waiting for a reply and they never do. Sometimes e-mail is the only way to contact somebody and while I'm waitng for them to respond, time isn't stopping. Days, weeks, months, sometimes I send the same message multiple times but they never respond. People say its rude to pester others over and over again, but I think its rude to ignore someone when they need an answer. I especially hate it when someone asks me for something and then they stop answering my e-mails. Its like when people ask me if I'm interested in potential job opportunites and when I ask them for more information, they don't respond.

1/16/12---I finally managed to get a copy of Reflexion's third (and currently last) album, EDGE. It was released in Europe almost two years ago, but I found a new copy on Amazon.com. Apparently, the band has been on hiatus since December 2010 and I just found out now. I went to check their website but it has been removed. They still have their MySpace page but its not being updated anymore. They also removed their only official music video from YouTube last year, which is kind of weird.

1/15/12---I cleaned out another batch of old files which for some reason contained some of the files that I deleted last time. Either I had duplicate files stashed away or they just got moved to another location. I tried to create an e-mail form so that it would be easier for people to send me messages directly from this website. However, everything I tried didn't seem to work and the guides I followed from various sources proclaimed that everything should work fine, but it did not. I am reluctant to use Yahoo's pre-built form because they run the code from their side and I have no control over it and do not know what code they are actually using.

1/14/12---I may sound like a broken record, but GeoCities.ws still hasn't replied to my messages about removing my old Geocities website. Its been over a week since I initially asked them to remove it and obviously, they have not.

1/13/12---All quiet on the GeoCities.ws front. Still no response on their Forums and no reply from my e-mail I sent them the other day. Its been almost two weeks since they last replied to anybody on the Forums so hopefully they aren't planning on checking once a month because if that happens, they might not get to it for another two weeks.

1/11/12---Still no word from GeoCities.ws. I'm starting to get the impression that they're not taking this seriously.

1/10/12---I redesigned my video games section and added a new comic about my latest issues with grocery stores.

1/9/12---GeoCities.ws has yet to respond to my request for them to delete my old website files. It appears as though they only check their forums once a week and reply to everybody in batches. Their last run was a week ago so hopefully they get to mine soon.

1/8/12---I cleaned out a lot of my old webpage files from my server. They were taking up a lot of space and I haven't used them in years. Although I did add a bunch of new pictures to my gallery, which sort of replaced the files I just removed. Still no word from GeoCities.ws about my old website.

1/7/12---It came to my attention that my old GeoCities website may not be gone, as I had previously thought. When Yahoo! removed GeoCities a few years ago, they should have deleted all the websites of GeoCities users (including mine, but I bought a domain name and kept my files) but some group went around and archived all the sites. These people call themselves GeoCities.ws and honestly, I'm irritated that they archived all these GeoCities webpages without the owner's permission. Lots of people could do the same thing, but what really bothers me is that they now host all the websites on their own servers; meaning that my old GeoCities website is still active but at a different address. A friend told me about something on an old webpage of mine and I had no idea how they knew about it since I removed that particular webpage long before they knew about my website. I checked out what they said and sure enough, that page was still there but hosted by GeoCities.ws. I'm not the only one who is upset over this; after reading through their forums I saw that several people were under the impression that their site was deleted and they wanted it to stay that way. I have no idea how long my site has been hosted by these people, but I can assume that it was no sooner than October 2009 (when GeoCities closed). I have requested on their forums that GeoCities.ws remove my website, but they have a verification process that they use to make sure that the people making the request are the people who owned their Geocities website. I am glad that they have this system, but numerous people have complained that they encountered errors when trying to verify their site. I believe that GeoCities.ws had good intentions when they archived everybody's websites, but most people wouldn't go around and grab other's webpages and then host them on their own site without permission.

1/6/12---Over the past few days I've been getting my webpages validated by the World Wide Web Consortium (or W3C for short). A detailed description about why people get their webpages validated can be found here. For some reason the validation tools are encountering numerous problems with my Flash Cartoons section so I removed everything it said was invalid. It is nothing too significant; mostly some styling issues but for now I'll leave the page as it is until I can find a way to put it back to how it was and get the validator to approve it.

1/5/12---I Google'd DeathScytheRuler to see what would come up and I came across an old Quizilla quiz I made back in 2004. I forgot I had a Quizilla account, but apparently I only made one quiz: click here.

(This is the logo I remember, before TeenNick bought them out)

1/4/12---I had almost given up with server side includes when I came across a webpage I had bookmarked a long time ago. It described how I could get the same results with SSIs, but using PHP instead. I must have forgotten about this webpage because I never tried working with the PHP. I've used some PHP before in the past, but in a very limited context so after I tried it out, everything seems to work ok. So today I'm going to be converting my pages to handle PHP so there might be some odd formatting problems, if anybody visits my website today.

1/3/12---Second update of the new year: I'm going to try and make an update at least once a week from now on. In the past, I'd go several months without updating my website and then update it a lot for a few days and then stop.

1/2/12---First update of the new year: Yahoo! customer support is useless. I send them the information they asked for and what do I get? Some bonehead giving me a reply which said to look at the equally useless help pages or to e-mail them with questions. What do they think I've been doing for the past week?

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