Updates March-April 2012

4/25/12---So I've heard rumors that the TV show Billy the Exterminator is being cancelled. The show has been broadcasted by A&E since 2009 which revolves around a family of pest controlers in Louisiana. The first three seasons were ok, but the fourth and fifth were not so good. The show would usually have the mom (Donnie) send her sons Billy (the lead exterminator and owner of the business) and Ricky on jobs to remove bees, racoons, beavers, squirrels, skunks, and other creatures that live in Louisiana from people's homes and businesses. In what I can only assume was an attempt to get higher ratings, the fourth season involved Billy and Ricky traveling around the country to various states and doing pest control work with the local pest controllers. The order in which the episodes were shown on A&E made no sense because in one episode (ep.58) the guys were in Georgia, the next two episodes (eps.59/60) showed them back at home, and the episode after that (ep.61) they were in Georgia again. It is highly unlikely that they went all the back home and then to Georgia again for another job. If you look closely, you can see that the clothes the guys are wearing in the Georgia episodes are exactly the same so it makes sense that the episodes were filmed around the same time but they were broadcasted out of order. Season five is pretty much a continuation of season four or as I like to call it, the leftover episodes from season four. Billy and Ricky are still traveling around the country but what I noticed was that at the end of one of the episodes Billy mentions that traveling around the country was great and they should be on the lookout for more opportunities. Upon closer inspection, it appears as though this episode was filmed around the same time as an episode from early in the fourth season so I have no idea why A&E decided to show it over half a year later.

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4/9/12---My other two branch websites (SPORE and White Knight Chronicles) still exist but they are really hard to find. I forgot to make a section that lists them since the only link to my SPORE site is somewhere in my January updates. Over the next few days there might be some design changes but nothing too major. In other news, over the last few weeks whenever I tried to update my index page, the changes won't show in the browser. I resubmit it over and over but more often than not, the changes take hours to take effect. For example, prior to today it looked like I didn't have an update since March 31 but I forgot to check to see if the changes were made.

4/8/12---Well, I spent several hours over the last three days working on some documents and now I realized that my information was slightly off and I could have been done a lot sooner. What I'm working on isn't really important to anyone but me, but it does frustrate me that I have to adjust everything again. Not only that, but I had printed out over 50 pages and now it seems like a waste of paper. I could just write notes on them instead of revising them and reprinting them, but what I'm going to do is revise them on the computer and not print them. I didn't need to print them in the first place but I like to hold things in my hand when I read them.

4/6/12---I hate getting spam mail. I really hate getting spam mail because someone else got spam mail and it got sent to me because they opened it and it infected their address book. I had virtually no spam mail for years but every now and then I'd get a huge crop for a while and then things would die down. No matter how many times I block the sender's email, another one would just pop up a few days later.

3/31/12---I pretty much deleted everything off my MySpace page. I haven't used it in years and the interface is absolutely terrible. In other news, a friend of mine wanted to borrow one of my games and since I haven't played it yet, I said no. Generally, I like to play my games before I lend them to someone else but I don't often lend games to people anyway. Several years ago, I loaned my copy of Musashi: Samurai Legend to an acquaintance for a week, but they only played it once which was two days after they borrowed it and they acted like they used it the whole time. I lent another game to a friend for an entire month only because he lost his copy and then lost mine. After that, I stopped lending out my games.

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3/26/12---Not much going on recently...although I have been playing a lot of video games. As I've mentioned before, I got a bunch all at once so I've been playing them one at a time. I finished the first game twice (more stuff unlocks after you beat the game at least once) and I'm working on the second game. I'm not going to play the third game until I finish the second game. The second game is rather long and playing it through a second time would take quite a while (this game also unlocks additional stuff if completed and then played again) so I'll probably play the third game before going through another round with the second game.

3/19/12---There doesn't seem to be any major issues to work out with my site so for the time being I'm going to be working on some fash cartoons.

3/15/12---I now have an easier-to-use contact form on my contact page.

3/14/12---I spent the greater part of the day working on an old flash cartoon that I never finished. I didn't intend to work on it for very long, but I was making some adjustments and before I knew it, I had done more than I initially wanted to.

3/5/12---I am in the process of re-adjusting my tutorials section. I'm changing the layout so hopefully it works out but don't be surprised if the layout looks weird because I'm still working on it.

3/4/12---Well, its happening again. I try to update an image and it doesn't change. I remove the old one from my server and replace it with the new one, but the browser doesn't show any changes. The file names are exactly the same but now I have to change all the file names to see the adjustments. This was never a problem before but for some reason, it doesn't want to work. In other news, my favicon logo now shows up in Internet Explorer. It took long enough, but maybe all I had to do was update my browser or change some settings.

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3/3/12---I got tickets to Comic-Con! So I'm going for two days but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a ticket for Saturday. By the time it was my turn to register, they had sold out. Well to be more precise, they sold out while I was in the process of completing my order. If I was a few seconds faster, I probably would have gotten a Saturday ticket. This all started when CCI (Comic-Con International) said to click on the link they sent in the email and we would be directed to the page where we would wait for our turn to buy tickets. The link that they used was over burdened with people trying to access it so it crashed in about 10 seconds after it became live. So a bunch of people figured out that all you had to do was paste the link in the address bar of your browser and you would get to the page with no problems. This made a lot of people very angry (myself included) because by the time I got in, I was in position #16,000. If I had just pasted the link in my browser like I intended to in the first place, I probably would have gotten in the quadrupal digits. Needless to say, many people were upset because they followed CCI's instruction and got a bad place in line. CCI claimed no fault because the link worked, but only when there wasn't thousands of people trying to access it. But the system they used this year was much better than last year so I can't complain too much.

San Diego Comic-Con International

3/2/12---iTunes doesn't seem to have very many free episodes of anime anymore. For the longest time they had the same free episodes, but recently they cut down their list to maybe one or two. So the video game I was suppose to get on Tuesday was delayed (as I mentioned sometime last week) but I got an e-mail today saying that it was shipped yesterday. But the tracking information says that they only got the shipping information today. I have no idea where my game is or when it will get here, but I assume that it will probably get here next week.

3/1/12---Comic-Con tickets go on sale this Saturday morning at 8am. This is going to be the hardest year so far to get tickets because so many people want to go and the available number of tickets keeps being cut every year. I'd go into more detail, but I'll wait until Saturday after I get tickets (or not).

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