Updates October - December 2012


Just after Doomsday and just before the holidays, I have finished the first few segments of my project I was talking bout last week. So my project is a web comic and hopefully I can get it going by next spring. I have a few comics already done so take a look at my Comics section and look for "Prologue". Thanks!


Wow, December already? I haven't been keeping up with my website in a while but I do have some exciting news (well, for me anyway). I am working on a project which will hopefully be ready by next spring. What it is, I can't say yet (even I don't know where this is going). But as a sample, the image below has something to do with it (and yes, that is a picture of myself that I drew in an archaic version of Flash).


Last week I got this PS3 game called Tokyo Jungle. It came out in Japan earlier this summer and made its way overseas to America and Europe a couple of weeks ago. Over here, it is a Playstation Network only game so I had to download it because they did not sell it on a disk like most games. The story is that all the humans in the world have vanished and only animals are left. The goal is to play as an animal and survive as long as you can without getting killed by various things. The appeal that got me interested was that you can use some unconventional animals to survive in unconventional ways. For example, I used a pack of Cats to eat a Zebra and an Elephant to squash Hyenas and Ostrich. After playing for at least 15 hours over the last week, this game is already starting to get old.
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