Comic-Con 2013


This will be my 8th consecutive (and 8th overall) year going to Comic-Con. Also, it is the first time I will be at the convention for all 4 days. In years past I've been in San Diego during the entire length of Comic-Con but didn't have passes for some days, and in other years I've had the passes and the opportunity to go all 4 days, but I didn't. It was after last year's convention that I started thinking about making a webcomic about Comic-Con, but then I worked it out into a comic about other things. As I mentioned above, I will be making some comics about my trip and will be putting it in a special Comic-Con only section. Its exhausting going to the convention for just a couple of days so I might need a longer rest period to recuperate from the whole weekend and get my notes in order to make a comic.